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Welcome to PLC 2015

Welcome to our PLC page. This year we will be moving more quickly through the steps so we can incorporate stategies in the classroom, assess them, and return and share.  The meeting dates for Spring are:

April 17th

May 1st, 15, 29

Room A – 114 at 1 PM

I encourage you to attend all the meetings, but I do understand that schedules are challenging and if you can’t attend them all, feel free to attend the ones you can.  You will earn flex or non-instructional rate for each two-hour meeting.

The PLC will be discussing ESL curriculum and strategies, but all comers are welcome.  In fact we encourage you to come to see what potentially can be done in any discipline.


Rob Jenkins

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  1. pakdelnancy says:

    The Beginning 1 & 2 Group enjoyed our 9/20 meeting yesterday and we look forward to revising or renovating listening standards in our curriculum for our levels (after 20 years).

    We especially liked the idea of teaching our students STRATEGIES for listening by having focused listening activities. That is, listening for particular information, without having to understand every word the speaker is saying. This is actually what most of us do all the time!

    We also look forward to developing formative assessments to see if the strategies we try out in the classroom, such as focused listening, have the desired effect, or the student learning outcome we seek.

    It’s very stimulating and motivating to be working together on this curriculum project, and we welcome other teachers to join us. This is a great opportunity to find fresh ways to approach our students and see how they respond.

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