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PLC Meeting March 10, 2017

March 10, 2017
In this meeting, we first were privilege to hear from Dr. Eric Glicker, one of the PLC members who had done some research into writing strategies.  
The discussion morphed into a discussion about what might be done to meet the need of students with minimal to no literacy skills in their own language.  Garden Grove faculty mentioned how they have special literacy classes designated as A, B, and C.  They have had great success with this model.  In the program at the Santa Ana School of Continuing Education, literacy students are often combined with Beginning 1 which most agreed is not at all adequate to meet their needs.  _DSC9786
Monica Rojas, a Spanish Literacy teacher mentioned her success with preparing students for ESL classes by taking her class before they go to ESL.  We do very little of this cross disciplinary collaboration.  The discussion also moved toward identifying and working with students with learning disabilities.  Eric Glicker’s presentation and handout are available here. 1_Teaching_Writing_Toolkit
Also at this meeting, Ray Hernandez spoke about the Garden Grove curriculum and how their curriculum mirrors the model standards.  He discussed how adding elements of the College and Career Readiness Standards and the new English Language Proficiency Standards was challenging.
In preparation for the next meeting on March 24, a new binder was prepared that houses the following standards: RSCCD Course of Records, English for Multilingual Students (EMLS) from Santa Ana ESL program, and Garden Grove curriculum framework. 
Also included are CASAS content standards, level indicators, CB-21 rubrics, Common Assessment Initiative rubrics, the NRS rubrics, College and Career Readiness Standards and the English Language Proficiency Standards.  Rob agreed to obtain writing rubrics from ABE and HSS.  Each level in the room spoke to another level to identify what their expectations were for students advancing to their classrooms.  In the weeks to come, it is the goal of the PLC to create a rubric specific to our programs. 


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