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PLC Meeting February 23, 2018


At the February 23rd Meeting of the PLC, there were 14 teachers present. Mr Rob Jenkins was unable to attend the meeting due to a presentation he was making at another school district. In his absence, Debora Karaffa served as his highly effective replacement. Debbye asked for teachers to report on their experiences using the formative assessments. After many successful reports, the teachers watched a video created by Rob Jenkins on creating writing rubrics. The video provided many useful hints for the teachers to use when making their rubrics. After watching the video, teachers met by ESL level with their colleagues to create the rubrics. The rubrics will be used to evaluate a writing portfolio that each teacher will keep of the formative writing assessments that the students will write during the semester. Some groups were able to finish their rubrics, while others were at least 50% completed. All groups promised to type their rubrics to bring to the next meeting on March 2nd, 2018.




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