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PLC Meeting April 13, 2018

The Professional Learning Committee (PLC) Meeting was held on April 13th, 2018. There were 12 Teachers in Attendance.  The Meeting was chaired by Rob Jenkins.  The teachers continued their group work by level on the Writing Rubrics for the upcoming Fall Semester 2018.  The PLC will submit our finished rubrics to the ESL Department as possible tools for assessing our students that could be used with a writing portfolio that each ESL teacher could develop for  regular formative assessments during the semester. The writing portfolios could be one of a number of multiple measures that teachers may use to determine whether students are ready for promotion to the next ESL level.  At the PLC Meeting, Rob encouraged the teachers to revise the writing rubrics so that they are weighted to accurately reflect the importance attached to each area assessed by the rubric.  For instance, if paragraph organization were most important, then the rubric would award a greater number of points to students whose paragraphs are more unified and coherent.  Both the Beginning and Intermediate ESL groups revised the order of their rubrics and added weighting to each category assessed in the rubric.

The next step will be for the teachers to conduct another writing lesson with their classes, and return to the next PLC Meeting on Friday April 27th, 2018 with their student paragraphs.  Then the PLC teachers will use their newly revised rubrics to assess the paragraphs from the writing lessons, and check how well the new rubrics work when used to measure the students’ writing.


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