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PLC Meeting October 19, 2018


The Professional Learning Committee (PLC) held its most recent meeting on October 19th, 2018 from 2:00 – 4:30 pm.  There were about 16 teachers in attendance.  The meeting began with a collective discussion of progress on creation of new rubrics for formative assessment of Listening Skills.  Various approaches to Listening Assessment were evaluated.  They included combining listening and speaking on a single rubric; creating a rubric of categories of listening; designing a listening rubric based on the new curricular objectives; or formulating a listening rubric from typical classroom activities.  In the end, the teachers decided on the activity-based approach.  


After deciding on the best approach for creating their Listening Rubrics, the teachers divided into their Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced ESL groups by level.  Within each group, the teachers had to decide on the number of activities which they would evaluate within their formative rubrics.  Most teachers reached a consensus on four activities to assess over the course of the semester.


Rob Jenkins recommended that the teachers meet in the Resource Room for the next meeting, so they could easily access ESL materials with which to design the activities to include in their rubrics.  The new ESL curriculum is to be implemented soon during the Spring 2019 semester and some teachers cautioned that their rubrics may not be ready to test immediately.  However, the overall sense was that the groups will be ready to begin creation of their Listening Rubrics at the next meeting in November.


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