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PLC Meeting February 22, 2019

The February 22, 2019 Meeting of the Professional Learning Committee (PLC) was held at Centennial Education Center in Room A-110. Within level, two groups (Beginning level and Intermediate/Advanced level) met to continue work on the writing and listening assessments and rubrics.The Beginning group refined their listening assessment so that it now focuses more directly on listening skill. The listening rubric was also completed and several members of the group will do initial trials of the assessment/rubric prior to the March 8, 2019 meeting.


​The mixed Int/Adv group (including ABE Composition, ESL Int/Adv, & Academic ESL) worked on team rubric scoring of 6 students writings.  With few exceptions, there was fairly close agreement on the scores given.  The group discussed that, within a semester, it would be important to do at least 3 writing assessments using the rubric. The average of the resulting scores could then be one of the multiple measures that helps to determine passing to the next level (with 70% and above = passing writing;  may need to work out a percentage range for specific levels.


Regarding listening, this group selected one of the completed listening assessments, the “Job Interview” dialogue/q​uestions to try out in the classroom. Results will be brought to the 3/8/19 meeting.  For now, the group will use the percentage correct on the listening assessment questions as a measure of listening skill.  Nancy Rucker offered to assist in working on an Int/Adv listening rubric design for possible future use.


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