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PLC Meeting March 22, 2019

The March 22, 2019 Meeting of the Professional Learning Committee (PLC) was held at Centennial Education Center in Room A-110.  There were approximately nine (9) teachers in attendance.  The purpose of the meeting was to revise our listening assessments and rubrics.


The Beginning group reworked some of their questions, but was generally satisfied with the rubrics they had created.  The Intermediate group removed one comprehension question on their first listening assessment from December, and added three vocabulary questions.  They were also generally pleased with the rubrics they had made at the last PLC meeting.


Rob Jenkins created a progress chart to determine how much work the two groups had completed.  Both the Beginning and Intermediate groups stated they had finished their writing and listening assessments, and they had conducted their team testing.  However, neither group had completed their assessment school piloting as yet.  Rob stated that he would be reporting to the ESL Assessment Committee on the PLC’s progress. At the next meeting on April 12th, OTAN will be giving a presentation to the PLC on accessing Open Educational Resources (OCR) in Room E108.


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