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PLC Meeting December 6, 2019

The December 6th meeting of the PLC was held in Room A-110 at Centennial Education Center.  There were 12 teachers in attendance.  The meeting was led by Eric Glicker.  The focus of the meeting was finalizing goal setting for the Spring 2020 semester as well as continuing work on the writing and listening rubrics.  It was decided to hold a 30-minute training session at the ESL Faculty Meeting during Spring Flex to demonstrate the new writing rubrics for the Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced ESL levels. For the Intermediate Level, Mara Tavantzis will lead the Morning Session and Eric Glicker will lead the Evening Session.

December 6,-1

The Beginning Group will inform Rob whom they will choose as their leaders for the Morning and Evening Flex Sessions.  Prior to the PLC Meeting, Rob suggested continuing revisions of our listening rubrics.  To facilitate this goal, both the Beginning and Intermediate PLC groups have been meeting during the week; testing out the listening rubrics with their classes; and revising the questions in the formative assessments they had created.  Rob Jenkins will attend the next meeting of the PLC during the 2020 Spring Semester, and presenters for the two-hour Flex Training on the writing rubrics will be chosen.

December 6-2, 2019




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