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PLC Meeting November 15, 2019

The November 15th meeting of the PLC was held in Room A-110 at Centennial Education Center.  There were 14 teachers in attendance.  The meeting was led by Rob Jenkins.  The focus of the meeting was goal setting for the Spring 2020 semester as well as continuing work on the writing and listening rubrics. 

November 15-1

It was decided to hold a 30-minute training session at the ESL Faculty Meeting during Spring Flex to demonstrate the new writing rubrics for the Beginning and Intermediate/Advanced ESL levels. In addition, a two-hour Flex Workshop for teachers who wish to pilot the writing rubrics will be scheduled.

November 15-2

Finally, it was announced that a part-time Faculty Coordinator for EL CIVICS will be hired.  This instructor will work closely the full-time EL CIVICS coordinator at the Orange Campus to consider and implement revisions and updates to the EL CIVICS units in consideration of the valuable feedback provided by the PLC at the most recent two meetings.

Novmber 15-3


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