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PLC Meeting February 7, 2020

FEB 7 1

Eight teachers attended the meeting, along with special guest, Sandra Watts.
Sandra Watts, El Civics Coordinator, provided the PLC attendees with information about current work on EL Civics projects, including improvements on the following:
–various COAAPS
–the annual student surveys
–the process of teacher preparation/feedback prior to administration of the
civics assessments

From the discussion at this meeting, it was agreed that, on a regular basis, the PLC could play a major role in providing essential support and feedback on EL Civics projects.  Sandra will return to the PLC on March 6th (scheduled meeting date) to continue this coordination between the PLC and EL Civics. ​


Feb 7 2

Discussion /work-groups:    All groups agreed that our current focus would be on implementing the final form of the writing rubrics.  Following that, we would then continue work on the listening assessments and rubrics.

  • The Beginning group presented their finalized writing rubric with examples of student writing (sentence level) for analysis by PLC attendees.  The group’s summary of this activity is as follows: “Marti presented authentic student sentences, which we all graded with the final version of our Beginning Low Writing Rubric.  We did agree to the point system of the rubric, and that it is a valid rubric which will be used by the PLC teachers in attendance.”
  • In addition, it was determined that this rubric could be used for compound sentences (as well as simple sentences) with a slight modification of the scoring points. ​​


  • The Intermediate group also presented their revised writing rubric to be used with Int. Low and Int. High students only.  They will implement this version with student writings and follow up on results.
  • The Advanced group will continue with their writing rubric already in use.  However, some revisions may be made to the wording, as needed.  Implementation will be ongoing with analysis of results of use.


FEB 7 3

The teachers present for all three groups agreed to write clear instructions for use of the rubrics on the back of the rubric document.  As we recruit other teachers to use these rubrics, the written instructions are meant to guide them.  We discussed whether there was a need for actual training sessions for piloting teachers, and opinions were divided.

We may need to provide extra training for teachers who are unfamiliar with rubrics as one of the multiple measures for assessment.  This discussion can be taken up again as the rubrics are presented to additional teachers.


The by-level groups will continue to meet in small group sessions, implement their rubrics, and report back in the next general PLC meeting on Feb. 21st.  The goal for all the groups is to be working with the final version of their writing rubric by that time.


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