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PLC Meeting February 21, 2020


The PLC group discussed the potential use of the newly developed various-level writing rubrics by teachers in their classrooms.


A 2 hr. CEFOMS activity was developed and involved the following wording, as is now ​stated in the CEFOMS workshop description:

“The Professional Learning Community (PLC) has developed writing rubrics to help our ESL instructors assess their students in formative assessments throughout the semester. These rubrics will eventually be used as one of the multiple measures to assess our students and determine if they are ready for the next level. We are currently working on validating results. Instructors who participate will: 1) Get a 30 minute training from a member of the PLC at a time convenient to them, 2) give students a task in the classroom, 3) after class, use the rubric to evaluate the student effort, 4) report back to a member of the PLC. Teachers will earn 2 hours of flex for participating and can repeat the process as many times as they would like. Flex time is calculated based on time spent outside of the classroom.”


After this CEFOMS description was agreed upon, the PLC continued to work on the writing rubrics within their individual level groups.

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