Professional Learning Community @ SAC SCE

PLC Meeting February 8, 2019

The February 8, 2019 Meeting of the Professional Learning Committee (PLC) was held at Centennial Education Center in Room A-110. There were 12 teachers in attendance. Within level, Beginning and Intermediate groups  agreed on level appropriate writing assessments and worked on refining writing rubrics for in-classroom use during the next two weeks.  Teachers will bring results to the next PLC meeting on February 22 for team scoring and discussion.


Sue Garnett attended and her expertise helped us to re-work the Intermediate Writing rubric toward a more practical score-weighting and organization of the scoring categories. The Intermediate group divided forces, so some teachers worked with Sue on the above, and some planned the appropriate writing assessments to use.  The teamwork was amazing!



Also within level, Beginning and Intermediate groups worked on listening assessments and rubrics. Most have agreed on the type of assessment to use, but development, recording, etc. will require more work prior to implementation in the classrooms within the next month. The goal is to implement the listening assessments/rubrics prior to the March 8, 2019 PLC.


The Beginning level group had a really productive session related to this and they are working on finishing their rubric in preparation for classroom use.  Towards the end of the meeting, they gave a helpful mini-report on their process and considerations in creating the rubric.


PLC Meeting December 7, 2018

The December 7th Meeting of the PLC was held at Centennial Education Center.  There were 7 teachers in attendance from the Beginning ESL Group.  The meeting was held in order for the Beginning Group to complete their second set of formative assessments.


The group met for two hours and was able to finish their assessments.  Both the Intermediate and Beginning ESL Teachers plan to continue their work on the formative assessments during the Spring 2019 Semester.  In Spring, the new curriculum for the Santa Ana College Continuing Education ESL Department will put into effect.  The teacher groups will complete additional assessments and pilot test the assessments with their classes so appropriate modifications may be made.  The PLC’s work will help inform the decisions on curricular assessment made by the ESL Department.


PLC Meeting November 30, 2018

The November 30th Meeting of the PLC was held at Centennial Education Center.  There were over 16 teachers in attendance.  The meeting was chaired by Eric Glicker in the absence of Rob Jenkins.  The objective of the meeting was to create two additional ESL formative listening assessments.


The Beginning ESL Teachers and the Intermediate ESL Teachers met in two groups at the Centennial Resource Center.  Both groups of teachers looked at the previous ESL Pre-Post Tests to get some ideas for their new formative assessments.


They also consulted textbooks such as the Future Textbook Series, which contains many listening exercises.  By the conclusion of the meeting, the Intermediate group had completed two assessments and the Beginning Group decided to meet again in the Resource Center during the following week.


PLC Meeting November 9, 2018

The Professional Learning Committee (PLC) met at Centennial Education Center in the Resource Room on Friday, November 9th, 2018.  There were approximately 14 teachers in attendance.  The teachers met in two groups by ESL Level (Beginning and Intermediate) to create formative listening assessments.  The plan was to make four assessments in each group.  There was also some discussion among the group members on whether to use the CASAS Listening Test as a final summative assessment.



 Finally, each group decided it create the first assessment during the November 9th Meeting.  Thus, each group began work on their first formative listening assessment for the Beginning and Intermediate ESL levels.  The new curriculum will be implemented during the Spring 2018 trimester, and the names of the courses will be changed to reflect the designations used by CASAS (Literacy; Beginning Low and High; Intermediate Low and High; and Advanced Low and High). 


Fortunately, with great teamwork among the group members, the teacher groups were able to complete their first formative assessments.  In fact, the Intermediate ESL group even did a recording of the dialogue of the first listening assessment with assistance from Rob Jenkins.  Rob will not be attending the Friday, November 30th meeting; however, some of the members of the PLC will come together on that date to continue to work on the second formative listening assessments.  The goal is to have all the listening assessments completed and ready for trial testing during the Spring 2019 trimester. 20181109_160537

PLC Meeting October 19, 2018


The Professional Learning Committee (PLC) held its most recent meeting on October 19th, 2018 from 2:00 – 4:30 pm.  There were about 16 teachers in attendance.  The meeting began with a collective discussion of progress on creation of new rubrics for formative assessment of Listening Skills.  Various approaches to Listening Assessment were evaluated.  They included combining listening and speaking on a single rubric; creating a rubric of categories of listening; designing a listening rubric based on the new curricular objectives; or formulating a listening rubric from typical classroom activities.  In the end, the teachers decided on the activity-based approach.  


After deciding on the best approach for creating their Listening Rubrics, the teachers divided into their Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced ESL groups by level.  Within each group, the teachers had to decide on the number of activities which they would evaluate within their formative rubrics.  Most teachers reached a consensus on four activities to assess over the course of the semester.


Rob Jenkins recommended that the teachers meet in the Resource Room for the next meeting, so they could easily access ESL materials with which to design the activities to include in their rubrics.  The new ESL curriculum is to be implemented soon during the Spring 2019 semester and some teachers cautioned that their rubrics may not be ready to test immediately.  However, the overall sense was that the groups will be ready to begin creation of their Listening Rubrics at the next meeting in November.


PLC Meeting October 5, 2018


The monthly meeting of the teachers’ Professional Learning Community (PLC) was held at Centennial Education Center from 2:00 to 4:30 pm on October 4, 2018.  The purpose of the meeting was development of listening rubric to be used for formative assessment.  Rob Jenkins began the meeting by sharing a jigsaw writing strategy that he used with his Intermediate 2/3 ESL students at Remington to create a class essay.  The essay was composed with student research and group writing of paragraphs which were combined to form essays on a variety of interesting topics.



Eric Glicker invited his former student (Luis) to speak and take questions on his journey from Beginning One ESL at Centennial to transfer student at Cal State University Los Angeles.  Luis identified successful strategies that had enabled him to develop a growth mindset.  Those included resilience and persistence toward his goals; participation in academic discourse (writing was most challenging); and consistent support from instructors and counselors.  One of his instructors who most inspired him recommended the book, Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell, which advises 10,000 hours of practice in a community and social networking to build successful careers.




Finally, teachers met in groups by ESL level to begin work on their listening rubrics.  Teachers carefully examined the new curriculum and discussed which listening activities to assess through the formative rubrics to be created.  It was decided to bring examples of rubrics used by other adult school programs, as well as examples of listening activities that could be integrated into the rubric.  There are three remaining meetings to be held during Fall Semester, 2018.


PLC Meeting May 11, 2018.

The Final Meeting of the Professional Learning Committee (PLC) for the Spring, 2018 Semester was held on May 11th, 2018 at 2 pm.  There were over 15 teachers in attendance.  The purpose of the meeting was to complete the ESL Writing Rubrics for the Beginning Low/High, Intermediate Low and Intermediate High levels.  The rubrics will be presented at the ESL Department’s Assessment Committee meeting at the end of May.  At the start of the meeting, there was useful and practical evaluation of the PLC’s new writing rubrics and how they might be implemented with the new ESL Curriculum.  The ESL Pre and Post Test traditionally given each semester may soon be eliminated in favor of using the Writing Rubrics.  Teachers talked about how they’ve used the writing rubrics with the writing assignments they’ve completed during Spring Semester 2018 with their classes and what revisions they might need to make to the rubrics.  After the discussion period, teachers met in their groups to complete the changes to the writing rubrics.

20180511_1459452 The teacher groups will type up their final rubrics in preparation for the Assessment Committee meeting.  Rob Jenkins will compile all the rubrics into a packet for presentation to the committee.  PLC Members will also attend the Assessment Committee meeting at the end of May and be prepared to answer the questions of committee members regarding the writing rubrics. The next meeting of the PLC will be during the Fall Semester, 2018.