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PLC Defined

After several years of working on the PLC, we have come up with the following info graphic from Spring 2016:

PLC System

(From 2012)A PLC or Professional Learning Community is defined below by our community after some initial discussion about our goals and approach.  To fully understand what we hope to do, click on the link that follows.  this link will take you to a rubric that identifies what K-12 does.  We will do most of what you see on the first two pages adapting when necessary for college.


Our  group in 2012 came up with the following definitions of what a PLC is after discussing it at length:

Level PLC   Defined
Beginning 1 A PLC is a learning community formed to   assist student learning by creating a team of teachers.  The team works   collaboratively to create procedures, to communicate, to share, and to   reflect on students’ differentiated needs
Beginning 2 A group of institutionally supported   educators who come together to work toward the common goal of improving   student learning by identifying essential learning goals, within a   collaborative and structured forum.
Beginning 3 PLC – A team of educators who commit to   respectfully share, improve and activate classroom procedures, methods and   materials for improved outcomes for all students.
Intermediate 1 A PLC is a group of teachers   collaborating to identify classroom practices that we can test and refine to   try to achieve optimum learner results.    These practices can be taught to and used by others for continuous   improvement.
Intermediate 2 A PLC is a collaborative group of   teachers who share expertise on student needs; develop skill-appropriate   learning activities; and continually review curricula in response to student   assessment data.
Intermediate 3 A team involvement to establish   teaching goals and to identify Best Practices that best meet the students’   instructional needs.

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