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Writing Standards

Developing standards or expectations for writing was a real challenge in spring 2017.  We quickly realized that there are so many pieces to this puzzle, that a few columns didn’t seem like enough.  Nevertheless we persevered and established something to work from although it is not entirely complete.  Since grammar is integrated so closely with writing, we included the grammar instead of making grammar its own strand.  Many documents of writing standards only briefly mentions grammar structures.

We developed these as we did the listening and reading standards.  We discussed in groups established by levels what really happens in the classroom, as well as CASAS standards, CCRS, ELPS, and other documents not to mention our own curriculum.  We did group by Beginning Low, Beginning High, Intermediate Low, Intermediate High, and Advanced instead of by levels from our current curriculum because the new curriculum which we expect to be implemented in Fall 2018 will reflect these levels instead of the ones we had. We also discussed across levels and as a whole group how to refine our standards. An added benefit to these discussions is that several representatives from Garden Grove also joined us.

The PLC meetings were lively and informative.  All ideas were considered and many were incorporated into our PLC WRITING EXPECTATIONS 2. Later in the fall we compared these standards to the new curriculum just developed and found many points of agreement. The team felt very comfortable about the writing strand of the new curriculum.


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